Benefits of Wearing Evil Eye Protection

evil eye protection

Throughout the day we are exposed to many things, from physical dangers to spiritual dangers. We are exposed to a lot of energy flows and vibrations all around us. That can be both very beneficial even very negative. Unfortunately all the people around us transmit some kind of energy even if we don’t realize it.

Sometimes that phrase of “Appearances are deceiving” is very true, since people who seem to be very close, happy and friends actually transmit negative energies to our lives harming our performance, our life and our goals.

On multiple occasions we will be surrounded by envy, negative desires and bad vibes. So that these thoughts and desires do not affect us first of all we must be well prepared to receive them every day since this is something of the most common in the whole society. Instead, something also to carry out for our safety is to be protected, right?

The evil eye is something most common in many and many, many people. The look is a powerful weapon that can cause a lot of damage, bad luck and even diseases to people, animals and the function of objects.

How can I protect myself?

There are multiple accessories known as amulets that from the beginning have been the best known solution to this, since these move away negative energies and give protection to those who use them. We can mention some of the most common amulets such as:

A pentacle of the sun: This amulet consists of the 4 and 6 pentacles of the sun. Which are said to protect the person from lies, diseases and especially bad luck. It is said that to use it you have to clean it and program it with procedures that are very accurate, and that the person must comply with the letter if he wants the maximum performance of the amulet.

The Turkish eye: This is the best known and used to protect against the evil eye, it is also known as the nazar. And it is an amulet too used in Greece and Turkey (Place where this ingenious amulet came from) and in this way they protect themselves from envy and the well-known and spoken evil eye.

There is a wide variety of colors each with a different characteristic, providing different help to the person who uses it.

Hand of Fatima: This amulet is a symbol of God’s protective hand and is said to protect against misfortune and to grant the necessary strength to overcome fear by providing good energy to those who use it.

There is also the belief that if it is used with the fingers up it is to bless the home and give protection to who uses it, but if it is used with the fingers down it is to attract patience to the person’s life.

These are the 3 most common that are used to protect against the evil eye. But there are other less common as they are: The Tetragramton, the pentagram, the Caravaca cross, the jet fist or fist, the black tourmaline, the eye of Horus, the medal of St. Benedict, the rose of Jericho or a simple horseshoe .

Each of them is used for different things and in different ways. But all generally provide protection to the person who uses it, their family members and their home. Ultimately there are also accessories or charms in the form of a bracelet, which could be the Turkish eye, the famous good luck bracelet or the red bracelet.

What would be my final benefit of using any of these charms?

As we told you at the beginning, we are surrounded day by day by people who may not really want our happiness, or they are envious of our achievements and they fulfill our goals. These people do not say anything or other times yes, but the important thing is that they impact in any way on everything we have.

By not having a protection against this, it is normal for us to do badly in those plans that we have, those things that we show or that everything just starts to go bad when someone realizes that you are doing well.

Do not feel hate with that person, it is normal. We all ever feel jealous or envious of someone; we just have to learn to accept little by little that what we have is the best we could have, and that we will not always be like that. With effort we will get better things. Something that will help you a lot if you suffer from envy is to think that you must surpass yourself, not others.

Life is not a race, everyone goes at their own pace. But the important thing is to never stop and always want to be better. Help the one who is less than one, and respect those who are better. That’s life, protect yourself as much as you can from these types of people thanks to these charms.

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