What does the Evil Eye Symbol mean?

What is the evil eye?

The evil eye as discussed above is a very old popular belief that comes from civilizations such as the Egyptians and the Greeks. Extended worldwide thanks to its popularity or the collective belief that around the years have given testimonies that make it increasingly credible.

What does the evil eye do?

The evil eye, according to many, is created thanks to the fact that a person carrying the curse feels envious or jealous of another, and that in some way, thanks to his gaze, he makes the victim suffer misfortunes, damaging his goals until damaging his possessions.

How is the evil eye protected?

The evil eye is protected in many ways in which we can highlight the use of baths in herbs, prayers or even the use of objects called amulets in which we can highlight the Nazar.

What is the Nazar?

Nazar, the stone of the evil eye or the Turkish / Greek eye. It is an amulet that was created with the sole purpose of protecting the evil eye originally in Turkey. It is normally used as a neck pendant but can also be found in homes, offices, jewelry stores, babies, doors, horses and vehicles. There are too many ways in which this amulet is worn thanks to its general belief.

What is the Evil Eye symbol like?

It is usually in the form of a flattened drop or as a hanging ornament, it is usually made of colored glass, used as a necklace or a bracelet. Naturally it consists of concentric circles from the inside out using colors such as dark blue (or black), light blue, white and dark blue. Other times they are able to use a yellow or golden border circle.

These have an exceptional level of detail since most are handmade with colored crystals. The amulets constantly change colors depending on the functions that the amulet will carry.

What is the meaning of the evil eye symbol?

Each color has a specific meaning, at first the Turkish eye was used as an amulet to combat only the evil eye, but some others with their colors were modified to give more useful functions to each of the believers of the culture.

The color blue: It is associated with water and especially with good energies, it is the color that predominates the Turkish eye and is the one that is mostly seen in people’s daily use.

The light blue color: This color represents the truth, it is said to be associated with the sky and that it provides the famous protection against the evil eye.

The color red: It is said that this color reflects passion, love and blood. And that is related to both energy, power, passion and desire.

The yellow color: This color represents strength, it is the color of the sun, the maximum expression of light that we have had since the beginning of time, and it is related to physical vigor and health.

The color green: This color is closely related to hope, being associated in turn with the color of nature is said to help a lot with personal growth.

The white color: The white color symbolizes goodness, it is associated with light, the best that exists. It is the color that reflects cleanliness, neatness, perfection and is said to transform negative energies into positive ones.

What is the symbolism of the evil eye image?

This symbol is repeatedly associated with the sun, since it is the main source of light throughout the world, since the beginning of everything. Throughout its history, the shape of the eyes has been used as amulets to get rid of the evil eye and all that it causes, such as the types of evils and diseases.

The star color of the Turkish eye symbol is the color blue, this color has positive connotations so it is said that it will bring good luck.

The Turkish eye has certain additional protective symbols such as:

The blue-eyed blacksmiths or the hand of Fatima with a blue eye in the center of the palm. The Turkish eye drives away the bad thoughts while at the same time keeping the evil eye away from people who use these amulets recurrently or usually diminish their bad thoughts either by hand or work of the amulet they carry or psychologically.

In short, the symbol of the Turkish eye has a very extensive meaning to explain, passing through each of the colors there are certain interpretations, different but in turn the same since they all convey something positive to who is wearing it.

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