Why jewelry has always appealed to man?

Jewels, it is inevitable to talk about them. They have existed since the beginning of time and today they are an indispensable complement for both women and men. Some people feel discomfort when not wearing them, and according to many people think that a woman’s wardrobe is incomplete if she does not have a small piece of jewelry. It is not to be denied that they embellish and give a touch of glamor and elegance to the well dressed woman.

But the reality of this is the doubt that many of us fall directly to the head, perhaps at a time when our head is free.

Why do we like jewelry so much?

The human being has always been a being who likes to possess, from interesting and useful things to objects that call attention to the eye. Many women choose a jewel because they know it is a lasting object that will lead to many special occasions they go to. That is why when they decide to buy some kind of jewel they usually stay a good time watching it, to verify that when they buy it they will be completely pleased when they wear it.

Unconsciously we are attracted to these types of accessories both men and women, so they somehow imagine being observed with these jewels after looking at their eyes or their smile. That would be one of the reasons why women are very meticulous or thoughtful when buying a jewel.

Women are attracted to jewelry today because it represents a symbol of femininity or even good social status. Jewelry always makes the woman feel beautiful and confident. The fact that jewelry has been a triumph since the beginning of time is due to the sentimental value that it gives a woman to highlight her beauty or on the other hand the jewels that are used with respect to religions or beliefs as it is the Eye of Horus or the Nazar.

The use of jewelry from the beginning of life

The jewels have been an accessory that has been used since the beginning of the life of many women since they were born and having a few months it is common to place small gold earrings that they wear during their childhood. After this they are changed while growing so that the girl is accustomed to using them.

After being teenagers they themselves decide what style to use or what to use not only using tendrils but also silver or gold pendants, rings, bracelets, etc. The jewels have been closely related to the protection of evils and also a symbol of romantic memory being those that somehow keep their sentimental value.

He used to use this type of objects for a long time in memorable moments in the life of a woman such as the hand request, the wedding day, a gift from a son to a mother for his birthday or simply from a mother to his Daughter because she wants to see her beautiful.

In some families the jewels inherited from previous generations are normally worn by their relatives, even passing from generation to generation good luck charms and who wears them never leaves them since they think that without it they will not be as well.

With the passage of time the jewelry has evolved before it was done by hand, today its old creation is preserved but also started the industrial production. Thus allowing the evolution of the models that were previously limited by human capabilities.

Nowadays it is normal to find rings with engraved names, necklaces with letter charms, broken hearts, country flags and much more. The important thing is to know that each country has its own customs and that over time its fashions are updated or improved, the use of jewelry will have a place in commerce for a long time, if not forever. Since without a doubt, women will always fight to enhance their beauty in order to feel good about themselves and also be able to flirt with that man they love so much.

These jewels are the inseparable companions of a woman in her life thus giving many reasons for use, the typical as I just mentioned, that would enhance her beauty, also to complement the costumes she wears at the time or also to simply remember that person I give you that unforgettable memory for which you will never stop using it. And as long as you have some kind of free time by the sea of ​​memories, that occasion when it was given and why it is there above your skin comes to mind.

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